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Ball valves are one of the most crucial valves applied in the industries for ideally controlling and regulating the fluid flow via the pipelines of the industries. These are called so because of their special configuration which consists of a ball shaped disc in its midpoint. This disc plays a very important role in the functioning of the valve. This is because the disc has an open passage in central point. If the valve is opened, the opening of the disc comes parallel to the end of the valve resulting into the flow of fluid. But when the valve is closed the disc does not align with the end of the valve thus blocks the fluid flow reliably.


On the basis of their functionality as well as material of composition and feature these valves are categorized as:

  • High Pressure Ball Valve
  • Fire Safe Ball Valve
  • Duplex Steel Ball Valve
  • Hastelloy Ball Valve
  • Alloy-20 Ball Valve
  • Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
  • API 6D Ball Valve 

This valve has numerous and highly valuable application in the industries such as Paper & pulp Industries, Petrochemical Industries, Fertilizer and pesticide Industries, Chemical Industries, dyes and intermediates Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Oil refineries, Water Treatment Plant etc.
These Valves have several features that make them ideal for vital applications in the industries. These are much lighter and more compact unlike quite a lot of valves that are operated manually. These are much easier to operate and are absolutely safe even at extreme temperature and pressure settings. These offer incredibly rapid opening and shutting process too. However, these are neither appropriate for throttling application nor suitable for regulating abrasive fluids.

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Ashwathi Controls Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading companies of India manufacturing a vast variety of industrial valves and is a well-known expert Ball valves manufacturer. The company manufactures all kinds of ball valves in several specifications and also customizes them as per the norms of the industry such as ANSI, API, DIN, and BS or IS. These are made at the hi-tech manufacturing unit of the industry employing the most advanced technology and the best quality of the basic materials. These are identified as the best ball valves in India as they have very favorable application features apart from the quality features such as sturdiness, simplistic maintenance requirement, unproblematic installation, supreme resistance towards corrosion & rust. These offer excellent performance and are very genuinely priced too.